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  • Assume Cars Won't Stop


    Our kids love going for walks in the neighborhood. We live in a nice, safe neighborhood with lots of streets but also lots of sidewalks. The kids will ride their trikes or we will push them in the stroller. It’s fun for the whole family. However there’s one thing that’s really starting to bug me, and it’s not what I would have expected: overly polite drivers.

    I’ve been trying to teach Eli about looking both ways before crossing the street. When we get to an intersection, we stop and I ask Eli to look both ways for cars. If there are any cars coming, he knows to wait because he “doesn’t want to get squished.” But more and more we run into the situation where the oncoming driver, in some misguided attempt to be polite, stops to let us cross and refuses to go until we cross.

    Just stopping, in itself, can be forgiven. But almost every time this happens, the scene quickly gets ridiculous: I motion them to drive on by waving them past, and they wave at me to cross, and I wave at them to say “No really, you go on”, and they stubbornly refuse, so on and so on. It would be comical if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

  • I've Been Doing This Wrong My Whole Life


    So I recently came across a video that blew my mind. Apparently I’ve been tying my shoes wrong for 25+ years. I blame my parents. I’ve switched to the reef knot and sure enough, my laces look better and don’t come untied at all.

  • Goodnight Moon Errata


    I’ve been reading Goodnight Moon for over three years now. While it is clearly a masterpiece on par with War and Peace, certain things about the story have always bugged me. For example, at the end of the book it goes “Goodnight clocks, goodnight socks” but the socks are never actually introduced in the beginning of the book. Also, the cats seem oblivious to the fact that there is a mouse running all over the room.

  • Who Should You Side With This Election?


    This election seems nastier and more confusing than ever before. So how do you wade through all the misleading attack ads, deceptive opinion pieces, ridiculous talking heads and other garbage? You can spend your days checking out and PolitiFact. Both are awesome sites for getting to the truth of various talking points, rumors and breaking stories. But keeping up with everything is exhausting. I Side With offers an alternative.

  • The Warming World In 26 Terrifying Seconds

    NASA created this video using temperature records from 1880 to 2011. It shows you the warming of the world in just 26 terrifying seconds. Blue areas indicate temperatures that are lower than the baseline average between 1951 and 1980 while yellow, orange and red areas indicate temperatures above the average.

    The video shows temperatures only through 2011, which was the ninth warmest year on record at the time. 2012 is on pace to be just as warm if not warmer. NOAA announced Monday that, in the US, the summer months were the third hottest on record.