This is what I use to build my apps and sites. Inspired by by Wes Bos.




  • OS: Fedora KDE Spin with separate Activities for Coding and Personal
  • IDE: VS Code (Theme: Winter is Coming - Dark Blue, Font: Fira Code), Kate
  • Browser: Firefox, Chrome
  • Terminal: Konsole
  • VCS: Git and Gitlab
  • Hosting: Cloudflare Pages, Gitlab Pages, and Firebase Hosting
  • Database: Firebase Firestore and RTDB
  • Task Management: Todoist
  • Knowledge: Personal, private, secure Docusaurus site (details)
  • Backup: Duplicacy to Backblaze B2 + periodic local backup to external HDD using KDE Backup
  • Podcasts: Pocket Casts
  • Audiobooks: Voice

This Site

This site is built with Sveltekit and Markdown. It is deployed via Cloudflare Pages and fully statically rendered at build time using a Cloudflare Pages CI job.

It borrowed from the the very awesome SvelteKit Blog Starter but has diverged significantly since.

The front page Chatbot leverages Dialogflow and Firebase serverless functions.