Instead of boring lorem ipsum, use Lorem Quotesum

Published: Sunday, Jun 25, 2023

Lorem Ipsum is dummy/placeholder text that has been the printing and typesetting standard since the 1500s. Unfortuntately, it’s also really boring.

Sometimes you want boring Latin text that no one understands, such as when presenting to a client with no sense of humor. In that case, definitely go with lorem ipsum.

But sometimes you’re allowed to have a little more fun. In that case, don’t settle for the same old boring lorem ipsum. Instead, use Lorem Quotesum and bring some humor and joy back to your work.

Lorem Quotesum screenshot

Lorem Quotesum lets you easily pick your favorite funny movies and TV shows and it will generate easy-to-copy quotes that you can use as your own dummy/placeholder text.

Lorem Quotesum gives you the flexibility you need:

  • Select from 8 different quote sources with more coming soon
  • Choose the number of characters and number of paragraphs
  • Easily toggle between plain text or rich text options
  • Decide if you want the output in text, markdown or HTML

Once you have the text you want, you can easily copy it all, or copy by paragraph, or even copy by line. Lorem Quotesum will helpfully select a whole line as soon as you click a given sentence.

Please give Lorem Quotesum a try and let me know what you think.