$30 buys parents a good night's sleep

Published: Friday, Jul 12, 2013

I’ve been remiss in not blogging about this sooner. Looking back, I can say that the Kid’Sleep Classic “bunny clock” must be the best $30 we’ve spent on our kids, at least in terms of getting them to sleep through the night.

When we first switched Eli from a crib to a toddler bed, we had a horrible time getting him to stay in his bed and not get up at the crack of dawn in the mornings. Nothing worked and we were at our wits end. It was like having an infant again and I was starting to think we’d never sleep through the night.

Enter the bunny clock. The bunny clock shows a sleeping bunny until a time you set, at which point the light switches to the picture of the bunny awake and taking a hike through the woods. I can’t remember who suggested getting this alarm, which is too bad because I owe them a beer or 50. After a few nights of explaining to Eli that he needed to stay in bed until the bunny woke up, he started to get it and we started to get our sleep. He now stays in his bed all night and we get to sleep all night. It’s heaven.

If you have a toddler, I highly recommend picking one of these up. It also comes in pink.