Who Should You Side With This Election?

Published: Wednesday, Sep 26, 2012

This election seems nastier and more confusing than ever before. So how do you wade through all the misleading attack ads, deceptive opinion pieces, ridiculous talking heads and other garbage?

You can spend your days checking out FactCheck.org and PolitiFact. Both are awesome sites for getting to the truth of various talking points, rumors and breaking stories. But keeping up with everything is exhausting.

Alternatively, you can ignore all the spin and so-called news. Instead, see how your opinions and values line up with those of the candidates on the big issues by going to I Side With and taking their Presidential Election Quiz. I took the quick and was a little surprised by my results.

The site is non-partisan and they work hard on the algorithm to make sure it’s accurate (see FAQ #4). The questions can be answered simply by choosing Yes or No or you can click “Choose another stance” if you have a more nuanced response to the question. And for each question, you use a slider to determine how important that question is to you.

Overall, I found I Side With to be a very easy and very useful way to see where I stand this election.